This is a rough draft or the itinerary, attendees will be  given a completed itinerary after registration.

Evening One:

Arrival day,  Meet & Greet Cocktails and Appetizer followed by dinner at Naulakha

Day One:

Breakfast at Naulakha & The Carriage House

1.Getting to Know Your Camera — an introduction into the basic functions and settings of your camera, how to make the switch from stills to moving pictures. Go over the general rules of how to set up your camera to shoot video. Discuss frame rate, shutter speed, ISO, WB, and picture settings. 

2. Walking Away from Auto Settings and Presets-- Discuss and demonstrate how to set up custom picture settings to yield the best results, and to give you the best chance at achieving the look you are after. The benefits and effects of breaking the rules. Discuss the effects of frame rates vs shutter speed. How far you can push your ISO and when to do so. Mastering color temperature, and setting up attendees with the best chance to create their own style and distinct look. 

3. Beginning , Middle, and End- Philosophical discussion on story telling. There is no right way to tell a story. Identify the basics to get started, but being sure to acknowledge that there is no correct way or formula to do so.  Company Move

Lunch under the pergola @ Naulakha

Move to Dutton Farmhouse,  use that nights preparation for dinner as the backdrop to apply what you have learned so far to begin telling a story. The goal is to be able to make a collaborative film about the making of a meal. 

4. Location Scouting – Discuss location shooting and what to look for when setting up your storyline. 

5. Carving Out a Shot- 

6. Stability and Moves - Break- downtime – 

7. Edit Session- How to import your clips, prepare your clips, label and organize your clips, and build and prepare your timeline, pull selects ** charge your batteries 

Dinner at Dutton Farmhouse with Keynote speaker 

Done! *charge your batteries

Day Two:

Breakfast at Naulakha & the Carriage House

1. Q&A - An overview of Day One- Trouble shoot any issues or hang-ups anyone is having. 

2. Review - The footage from the dinner shoot will be looked over, critiqued, and discussed. 

3. Edit Session – Building your timeline. Basic transitions, and cuts, roughing the form. 

4. Planning – Set goals and prepare the attendees for the day trip to the “maker.” 

Lunch a picnic in the orchard

5. The Maker- Travel to see a maker for the rest of the day for shooting. Once on location we will demonstrate how we would approach the task of telling that “makers” story, why, how, and discuss approaches to available light, and ways around any obstacles or less than ideal scenarios. Tackle the trouble spots. Break the class up and pair them with instructors to capture enough content to make a collaborative film about that “maker.” Capture Goals will be – establishing shots and B-roll, hero shots, the details, coverage, coverage, and more coverage, the ending.      

6. Edit Session – Continue work on timeline, cuts, transitions, color correcting, basic sound mixing, and music handling. 

Drive to West River, August night dinner, swim and along the river.

7. Pre-Production meeting for next days shoot. 

Done! **charge your batteries 

Day Three: 

Breakfast at Naulakha &  Carriage House

1. Take advantage of the morning light as VT comes to life and task the attendees to tell the story of morning. They will have the rest of the day until lunch to find their stories and collect shots of what they personally connect with. All instructors will be available to them as needed, but are encouraged to shoot on their own. **turn in footage  

Lunch At Dutton Farm House 

2. Q&A - An overview of Day Two- Trouble shoot any issues or hang-ups anyone is having. 

3. Review - The footage from the “Maker” shoot will be looked over, critiqued, and discussed. 

4. Edit Session- How to export and finalize your film, and prepare your film for viewing on the web. 

Drive to the Hill

“Wrap Party” - Dinner on the lawn- Screening of film; VT morning, The Maker, and The Dinner Prep.

Day Four:

Breakfast at Naulakha and Goodbyes.

   This Itinerary can change slightly, but the experience will remain the same